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"Abate is very persuasive about the value of bringing children's literature into a scholarly conversation with other disciplines."

"Thought-provoking... Bloody Murder is excellent for Abate's interrogation of the genre. She has an eye for the unexpected literary influences lurking behind well-known texts"

"A compelling study of the ways in which the specter of violent death looms large in books for children, both historically and in modern literature."

"Bloody Murder is another fine example of Abate's signature ability to take cultural elements on the periphery of children's literature scholarship and show their relevance to the field's central questions. Her examination of murder culture's influence is more than just a skillful exposition of a prominent theme in plots for young readers; by locating homicide in the earliest distinct children's and young adult texts, abate effectively demonstrates that the beginnings of these two genres are far more complex and interconnected with American popular culture than has traditionally been supposed. In addition, she opens an important new frontier for crime studies, confidently displaying how often children's texts explore murder, as well as how crucial their representations are to understanding the American relationship with violence and death. Her engaging, rigorously researched, and accessible chapters make for engrossing reading useful for scholars and students alike. This study is a significant contribution, sure to spark further research on children's murder culture."

"Abate's close readings of texts and of the specific discourses with which they are paired in individual chapters gives readers new literary and social perspectives to consider as they think about the forms and functions of literature for children."