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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Once upon a Crime: Homicide in American Culture and Popular Children's Literature from ''Bluebeard'' to Harry Potter
1. ''You Must Kill Her and Bring Me Her Lungs and Liver as Proof'': ''Snow White'' and the Fact as well as Fantasy of Filicide
2. ''The Queen Had Only One Way of Settling All Difficulties... 'Off with His Head!' '': Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the Antigallows Movement
3. ''Swarthy, Sun-Tanned, Villainous Looking Fellows'': Tarzan of the Apes and Criminal Anthropology
4. ''A Sixth Sense Seemed to Tell Her That She Had Encountered Something Unusual'': Psychic Sleuthing in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
5. ''How'd You Like That Haircut to Begin Just Below the Chin?'': Juvenile Delinquency, Teenage Killers, and a Pulp Aesthetic in The Outsiders
6. ''My Job Is... to Make You a Human Being in the Eyes of the Jury'': Confronting the Demonization—and Dramatization—of Murder in Walter Dean Myers's Monster
Epilogue: ''Just Because You Don't Have a Pulse Doesn't Mean You Can't Be Perky'': My So-Called Death, Young Adult Zombie Fiction, and Murder in the Posthuman Age
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