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"This is a well-researched book that takes you to different countries of the world, describing diseases and giving solid data. It should be on the essential reading list of student nurses, as it will raise awareness of some shocking facts and hopefully increase the chance of something being done to solve the problems highlighted."

"Dr. Hotez is a world-class, innovative, and truly original thinker. In this book, he pushes the world and its decision-makers to address neglected tropical diseases in a comprehensive and meaningful fashion, wherever they occur."

"Blue Marble Health brings a refreshing perspective to the concept of Global Health with its blurry north-south divide. It is a comprehensive work that sheds light in to a well of health problems grounded in a bitter reality of inequity, infectious diseases and NCDs. Hotez highlights the need for shared solutions to tackle some of the World’s greatest public health problems."

"Blue Marble Health is a resounding, relentless call for action—a plea to set aside excuses and rally behind a commitment to improve the lives of billions. Dr. Hotez meticulously details neglected diseases, imploring us to tackle the socioeconomic drivers of their profound impact on our most vulnerable populations."