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Table Of Contents

How to Use This Book
Chapter 1. Which Direction Do You Want to Go? What Do You Really Want to Do with Your Life?
Chapter 2. What Is Borderline Personality Disorder?
Chapter 3. How Does Borderline Personality Disorder Develop?
Chapter 4. The Three States of Mind
Chapter 5. The Three "What" Skills for Practicing Mindfulness
Chapter 6. The Three "How" Skills for Living Mindfully
Chapter 7. Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Emotions
Chapter 8. The Feeling of Emptiness
Chapter 9. Effectively Regulating Emotions
Chapter 10. Knowing How to Analyze Emotions
Chapter 11. Becoming Less Hypersensitive to Emotions
Chapter 12. Distress: What Is It? How Do We Cope with It?
Chapter 13. Distress Tolerance Skills: Are They Really Beneficial?
Chapter 14. What Is Dissociation?
Chapter 15. Borderline Personality Disorder and Interpersonal Relationships
Chapter 16. My Secure Relational Landscape
Chapter 17. My Insecure Relational Landscape
Chapter 18. Shame and Interpersonal Effectiveness
Chapter 19. Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills
Chapter 20. Acting Effectively in Difficult Interpersonal Situations
Chapter 21. Creating a Positive Interpersonal Environment around You
Chapter 22. Developing High-Quality Relationships
Your Journey Continues