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Table Of Contents

Part I: Worlds in Motion
1. The First Americans
2. Europe in the Age of Discovery, 1400–1500
3. The Spanish Century, 1492–1588
4. Rivals for the Northland: England and France in America
5. The Planter Colonies
6. A New England
7. The Middle Colonies
8. The Critical Years, 1675–1700
Part II: From Provinces of Empire to a New Nation
9. The Empires Reinvented, 1660–1763
10. Provincial People and Places in the Eighteenth Century
11. Common Pastimes and Elite Pursuits
12. Mercantilism and Markets
13. The Last War and the Lost Peace, 1754–1763
14. A Nation in the Womb of Time, 1764–1775
15. Independence, War, and Republicanism, 1776–1783
Epilogue: The Way Ahead
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The Brave New World
A History of Early America
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