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Table Of Contents

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A Message of Hope
Part One. Understanding Breast Cancer
1. What Is Cancer?
2. Breast Cancer Basics
3. Demystifying Breast Cancer Risk
4. Strategies to Reduce Your Risk of Developing Breast Cancer
5. Hereditary Breast Cancer
Part Two. Finding Breast Cancer and Dealing with a Diagnosis
6. Screening Tools and Technologies
7. Making a Diagnosis
8. After a Diagnosis: Charting a Course and Assembling Your Team
Part Three. Understanding Treatment Choices and Making Decisions
9. Local Therapy: Breast Cancer Surgery
10. Radiation Therapy
11. Rebuilding Your Breasts after Mastectomy
12. Treating Noninvasive Breast Cancer: Ductal Carcinoma In Situ
13. Reducing the Risk of Recurrence: Systemic Therapies for Invasive Breast Cancer
14. Cancer Again: Treating Local or Regional Recurrence
15. Treating Metastatic Breast Cancer
16. Considering Breast Cancer Clinical Trials
17. Treating Less Common Types of Breast Cancers and Male Breast Cancer
Part Four. Finding Answers
18. Managing Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects
19. Complementary, Integrative, and Alternative Medicine
20. Meeting the Emotional Challenges of Breast Cancer
21. Family Matters during and after Breast Cancer
22. Insurance and Money Matters during Breast Cancer Treatment
Part Five. Moving On
23. Supportive Care and Symptom Management for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer
24. Living Well beyond Cancer: Healthy Breast Cancer Survivorship