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"A remarkable analysis of the largest experiments to date to remedy persistent gender inequity in the academy. This volume distills the elements of both successful and failed strategies of awarded projects at major research universities and is a must-read for anyone leading, facilitating, researching, or seeking gender changes and advances in the workplace."

"This important contribution to the literature on institutional change provides well-organized information and insights about a variety of tools while illuminating how to consider local context in developing a plan for change. It will be useful for those pursuing the diversification of an institution's faculty or equity-related goals."

"This book synthesizes Laursen and Austin's prior work and moves it to a new level."

"Particularly useful are the coauthors' strategies for improving institutional environments by addressing the exercise of power and dominance over people and groups."

"The COVID-19 pandemic and demands resulting from the killing of George Floyd increase the relevance of this volume. The three case studies and lessons learned from the National Science Foundation's ADVANCE program provide insightful guidance to institutions seeking to address gender inequities and the inherent structural racism impacting faculty within academia."

"Building Gender Equity in the Academy is the right book for our time. Responding to multiple crises of COVID-19 and systemic racism, many institutions are ready for inclusion-attentive change. Laursen and Austin offer vision, theory, and practical knowledge from NSF ADVANCE institutions to advise an emerging movement."