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Table Of Contents

Part I. The Problem, the Solution, and the Study
Chapter 1. What's the Problem?
Underrepresented, Out of Sight
Barriers for Women on STEM Faculties
The Importance of Representation

Chapter 2. Fix the System, Not the Women
Studying Systemic Change to Advance Gender Equity
The Content and Structure of the Book
Audiences for This Book
Limitations of the Book

Part II. Strategies for Change
Chapter 3. Interrupt Biased Processes
Strategy 1. Inclusive Recruitment and Hiring
Strategy 2. Equitable Processes of Tenure and Promotion
Strategy 3. Strengthened Accountability Structures

Chapter 4. Reboot Workplaces
Strategy 4. Development of Institutional Leaders
Strategy 5. Approaches to Improving Departmental Climate
Strategy 6. Enhanced Visibility for Women and Gender Issues

Chapter 5. Support the Whole Person
Strategy 7. Support for Dual-Career Couples
Strategy 8. Flexible Work Arrangements
Strategy 9. Practical, Family-Friendly Accommodations
Chapter 6. Foster Individual Success
Strategy 10. Faculty Professional Development Programs
Strategy 11. Grants to Individual Faculty
Strategy 12. Mentoring and Networking Activities
Chapter 7. New Frontiers of Research and Practice
Addressing Other Arenas of Bias
Approaching Equity through Analysis of Power and Privilege
Equalizing Workloads and Their Impact on Advancement
Combating Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment
Honoring Intersectional Identities
Including Contingent Faculty
Part III. Building and Enacting a Change Portfolio
Chapter 8. Put It All Together
Case Study 1. Case Western Reserve University
Case Study 2. University of Texas at El Paso
Case Study 3. University of Wisconsin–Madison
Lessons from the Case Studie
Chapter 9. Design a Change Portfolio to Advance Equity
Taking a Systemic and Strategic Approach to Transformation
Implementing the Strategic Change Plan
Reflections and Next Steps
Concluding Thoughts
Appendix A. ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Awards by Cohort through 2019
Appendix B. Research Methods