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"This book provides valuable tools and resources I have used during the past eight years as a volunteer faith community nurse at my church. The models of partnership have been extremely helpful in tailoring programs that best suit the needs of my religious community."

"Society has tried providing only medical care to its community members. It has tried providing only spiritual care to its community members. Each separately has produced only minimal positive results. It is time for collaboration between the two. Medical-religious partnerships are an excellent recipe for developing and supporting healthy communities."

"Clergy and their congregants often assume the role of family in extending support to individuals who are in need as they traverse the myriad of health minefields. Combining physical and spiritual interventions, as this book explains, not only makes theoretical sense, it is our best chance for making peace an achievable objective in our lives."

"Having been personally involved with the work of Drs. Hale, Bennett, and Galiatsatos, I have witnessed the tremendous impact health programs built around medical-religious partnerships can have on the lives of so many in our congregations and communities. This book serves as a valuable guide for those interested in developing similar programs."

"It has been a blessing to participate in the medical-religious partnership programs offered by Johns Hopkins and to have this book as a guide and resource to use in the health programs I can offer to my congregation and community."

"An excellent resource for leaders of faith communities who envision a health ministry for their adult congregants as well as for health care leaders interested in exploring partnerships with faith communities. This book literally has the potential to save lives."

"An extremely effective resource."