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Table Of Contents

1. Principles, Principals, and Ambition: The Politics of Bureaucratic Entrepreneurship
2. Glorious Heroes, Tragic Heroes, Antiheroes: How Bureaucratic Entrepreneurship Happens (or Doesn't)
3. A Theory of Bureaucratic Ambition: Why Bureaucratic Entrepreneurship Happens (or Doesn't)
4. The Market for Bureaucratic Entrepreneurs: Career Path and Professional Innovation
5. The Psychology of Bureaucratic Entrepreneurship: Human Motivation and Political Advocacy
6. Ramps and Ladders: How Career Systems Foster or Inhibit Bureaucratic Entrepreneurship
7. What Bureaucratic Ambition Means for Democracy
Appendix A: Survey Methodology
Appendix B: Supplementary Regression Analysis Results

Bureaucratic Ambition
Careers, Motives, and the Innovative Administrator
Publication Date: 10 Oct 2011
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