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Table Of Contents

1. Going to California: The Mennonite Migration
2. Alone in the Garden: Boosters, Migrants, and Refugees
3. Urban Dystopia and Divine Nature: The Early Mennonite Colonies
4. Outsiders from Within: Defining California Mennonite Identity
5. New Neighbors: Confronting Racial and Religious Pluralism
6. From Sewing Circles to Missionary Societies: The Public Roles of Women in the Church
7. Peaceful Patriots: California Mennonites during World War II
8. Socially Active Mennonitism and Mental Health: The Origins of Kings View Homes
9. Feeding the Hungry: A Story of Piety and Professionalization
10. Protect and Assimilate: Evangelical Education in California
11. Labor Tensions: Mennonite Growers, the United Farm Workers, and the Farm Labor Problem
12. From Digging Gold to Saving Souls: The Transformation of California Mennonite Identity
Epilogue: A New Breed of Mennonites