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"If you're looking for a guide through the tangled thickets of global food systems, you can do no better than Jess Fanzo's book Can Fixing Dinner Fix the Planet?."

"Jessica Fanzo has seen it all, read everything, and talked to everyone. You can have no better, more knowledgeable guide to the mess the food system is in, and how we can get out of it. If you want to do something about the global nutrition crisis, read her book, and roll up your sleeves, as she does. "

"Jessica Fanzo argues that dinner not only can fix the planet but must. Read her book. It's beautifully written, authoritative, and utterly convincing—essential reading for anyone interested in food system approaches to world food problems."

"Dr. Fanzo's book is not only a wake-up call for eaters but a roadmap for how to make our global food system more ecologically and socially just. She explains the fragility of our current way of producing food while giving us hope that things can change for the better."

"Your food choices truly matter for both your own and our environment's health. Can Fixing Dinner Fix the Planet? guides you through the far-reaching impacts of your decisions and provides hands-on ways to combat the issues we face. For the love of food and the planet, dig in, and bon appetit! "

"A unique synthesis that weaves together revealing data with the author's personal experience, Can Fixing Dinner Fix the Planet? demonstrates the negative impacts food systems are having on health and the environment on both small and large scales. Fanzo's description of her work in some of the hardest-hit communities is especially illuminating, and reveals how the global challenges of providing healthy and sustainable diets for all leaves no region untouched. Readers of Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, Frances Moore Lappé, and Marion Nestle will be interested in this nuanced book."

"Overall, the book provides an insightful and convincing overview for anyone interested in food and sustainability."