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"No one has mined the French National Archives to this extent on this topic. Boucher renders valuable information accessible to English readers."

"A strong contribution to our understanding of the interplay not only between France and Britain in the struggle for the Antilles but also between the colonizers and the indigenous people fighting to maintain their independence from both European powers."

"Welcome evidence that historians are willing to rewrite the history of the colonial era in the Caribbean with a clearer eye to the part the indigenous population played."

"Boucher’s research is thorough and his contribution to the historiography of the Caribbean and of colonialism is valuable."

"An intelligent, well-informed discussion of French and English contacts with Island Caribs in the West Indies from the pre-colonial era until the end of the Seven Years War."

"A new and important contribution to the efforts of historians and anthropologists to understand the history of the Caribs."

"A lucid and terse examination of direct interactions between Island Caribs and Europeans in the Lesser Antilles, and the indirect influence of literary images of Island Caribs (and other Native Americans) on the emergence of Western philosophical traditions."