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Table Of Contents

Foreward, by Laura W. Perna and Richard Ekman
Preface, by Christopher C. Morphew
An Overview of the Independent College Sector, by Harold V. Hartley III
1. Public Purposes and Benefits of Independent Higher Education, by Barrett Taylor and David Weerts
Reaction, by Marc Roy
2. Access and Affordability, by Valerie Crespin-Trujillo and Nicholas W. Hillman
Reaction, by Roger Drake
3. Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes, by Jillian Kinzie and Cynthia A. Cogswell
Reaction, by Letha B. Zook
4. Leveraging Learning Technologies at Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities, by Christopher C. Morphew and Stephen Vassallo
Reaction, by Kevin M. Ross
5. Ensuring Student Success, by Laurie A. Schreiner
Reaction, by Charlie McCormick
6. Student Demographics and Equity, by Julie J. Park
Reaction, by Mary B. Marcy
7. Meaning Making and the Liberal Arts, by Cynthia A. Wells, David Guthrie, and Daniel Custer
Reaction, by Linda McMillin
8. The Faculty Role in the Smaller Private College, by John M. Braxton
Reaction, by Carolyn J. Stefanco
9. Institutional Strategy and Adaptation, by James C. Hearn and Erin B. Ciarimboli
Reaction, by Richard H. Dorman
10. Trusses and Gaps in the Bridge from Research to Practice, by Christopher C. Morphew and John M. Braxton

The Challenge of Independent Colleges
Moving Research into Practice
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