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Table Of Contents

Introduction. Problems and Perspectives
Joseph C. Hermanowicz
Part I. An Illustration
1. Administrative Interference and Overreach: The "Adler Controversy" and the Twenty-First Century University
Patricia A. Adler and Peter Adler
Part II. The University and the External World
2. The End of Clear Lines: Academic Freedom and Administrative Law
Stephen Turner
3. Waiting for Their Day in Court: A History of Professors and the Legal Status of Academic Freedom
John R. Thelin
4. Extramural Speech, Academic Freedom, and the AAUP: An Historical Account
Hans-Joerg Tiede
5. Attacks on Tweets: Academic Freedom, Social Media, and the Corporate University
Gaye Tuchman
Part III. The University and Its Internal World
6. Academic Freedom in a Contingent Academy
Gary Rhoades
7. The Challenges of Academic Freedom for Contingent Faculty
Eve Weinbaum and Dan Clawson
8. Academic Freedom and Institutional Review
Laura Stark
9. Reclaiming Harvard Law School: An Expression of Student Academic Freedom
Philip Lee
Part IV. Lessons from History
10. Academic Freedom and Its Useful Past
Timothy Reese Cain

Challenges to Academic Freedom
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