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"Thorough, penetrating, and on the cutting edge of contemporary scholarship. Essential."

"A useful and detailed study. Dubrow is especially good at analysing the relationship between gender and genre."

"Her refinement of generic oppositions... leads to some striking juxtapositions as well as—to my thinking at least—an exceptionally interesting discussion of the status and function of song in Shakespearean drama."

"Dubrow accomplishes much in this pioneering study."

"Formidable exegetical skills... Dubrow's terse accounts bring great insight and illumination to the problem of defining and describing lyric poetry."

"Includes some of her most important thinking to date about issues that are central to the study of lyric poetry in any period."

"A study that is itself both challenging and gentle—in all the very best senses of that word."

"Her study exemplifies an ideal of informed and judicious close reading that one can only hope will prove as infectious as its author wishes it to be."

"Represents both a wide-ranging exploration of lyric poetry in the early modern period and a plea for scholars to emphasize multivalent ideas and inclusive taxonomies over hierarchical and sharply argumentative approaches."