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Table Of Contents

1. Elements of Fine Writing
2. Purpose of the Notebook
Goal, Quest, Story
3. Chance Particulars
Use of the Senses
Specificity, Precision, and Concrete Detail
4. Place
Landscape and Nature
Towns, Streets, and Buildings
5. People
Portraits and Interviews
Encounters, Observations, and Activities
6. Facts, History, and Culture
Basic Facts, History, and Cultural Observations
7. Technical and Other Pertinent Information
Informational Notes
8. Chronicle
Record of Daily Activities and Travels
9. Personal Responses
Feelings and Contemplations
10. Commonplace Notes
Quotations and Thoughts from Experts, Scholars, and Literary Forebears-and Other Miscellanea
11. Associations and Figurative Language
Metaphor and Simile
12. Reflections
Thoughts and Musings
13. Writing Notes