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Table Of Contents

Part I: Historical Background
Chapter 1. A Brief History of the Collaborative Minority Engineering Effort: A Personal Account
Part II: Educational Systems
Chapter 2. African American Engineering Deans of Majority- Serving Institutions in the United States
Chapter 3. Engineering the Future: African Americans in Doctoral Engineering Programs
Chapter 4. African American Women and Men into Engineering: Are Some Pathways Smoother Than Others?
Chapter 5. Clarifying the Contributions of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Engineering Education
Chapter 6. Beyond the Black- White Minority Experience: Undergraduate Engineering Trends among African Americans
Part III: Workforce Participation
Chapter 7. Profiles of Distinguished African American Engineers at NASA
Chapter 8. African American Engineers in Business and Industry
Chapter 9. Socializing African American Female Engineers into Academic Careers: The Case of the Cross- Disciplinary Initiative for Minority Women Faculty
Chapter 10. Race for the Gold: African Americans— Honorific Awards and Recognition
Part IV: Policies and Programs to Broaden Participation
Chapter 11. College Me, Career Me: Building K–12 Student Identities for Success in Engineering
Chapter 12. Enhancing the Community College Pathway to Engineering Careers for African American Students: A Critical Review of Promising and Best Practices
Chapter 13. Spelman's Dual- Degree Engineering Program: A Path for Engineering Diversification
Chapter 14. Enhancing the Number of African Americans Pursuing the PhD in Engineering: Outcomes and Processes in the Meyerhoff Scholarship Program
Part V: Future Directions
Chapter 15. Challenges and Opportunities for the Next Generation

Changing the Face of Engineering
The African American Experience
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