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"Clear perspectives and recommendations are stated with authority. This is the definitive book on the topic."

"The book was written to bring together two decades of research by the authors as well as by others... There is no book covering this topic like Cheating in College. The authors’ reliance on large-scale quantitative and generalizable studies sets this work apart as a classic. This is an excellent book that should be required reading for academic affairs and student affairs leaders."

"Cheating in College is a valuable read that allows educators of all disciplines to gain much-needed insight into the numerous complex issues related to student cheating. It also offers readers concrete and easy to follow tips on how to work to reduce the prevalence of cheating in their classrooms and campuses."

"The information on cheating is beneficial to all individuals working in higher education."

Cheating in College
Why Students Do It and What Educators Can Do about It
Publication Date: 16 Oct 2017
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 240 pages
Illustrations: 1 line drawing
ISBN: 9781421424019