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"From Helen Chappell, a native and resident of Talbot County and one of the very best writers in the region, comes observation and musing about dead people, graveyards, tombstones, funerals, burials, and grieving customs around the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C... Being witty as well as serious about death in the same book is a risky business, of course. But Chappell manages it handily... The best-written and most entertaining new book on the subject."

The Chesapeake Book of the Dead
Tombstones, Epitaphs, Histories, Reflections, and Oddments of the Region
Publication Date: 11 May 1999
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 8" x 10"
Page Count: 152 pages
Illustrations: 42 b&w illus.
ISBN: 9780801860416