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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. In The Midst Of Life, We Are In Death
Chapter 2. Parting Shot
Chapter 3. She Came Back From The Grave
Chapter 4. Tales From Tidewater Virginia
Chapter 5. Customary Woe
Chapter 6. Batwings
Chapter 7. Harriet Tubman Is Buried Away
Chapter 8. A Lonely Place To Lie
Chapter 9. The Last Word
Chapter 10. Congressional Cemetery
Chapter 11. Murdered By Cyrus Stack
Chapter 12. Death And The Doctor
Chapter 13. Green Mount, Baltimore
Chapter 14. Kids Just Know These Things
Chapter 15. Oat Hill And Rock Creek
Chapter 16. Scott And Zelda
Chapter 17. Floating Coffins
Chapter 18. Arlington National Cemetery
Chapter 19. One That Got Away
Chapter 20. Larger Than Death
Chapter 21. On Death And Burial
Chapter 22. Old St. Paul's Cemetery
Chapter 23. Arvel Johnson On His Native Soil
Chapter 24. Miss Olivia And Miss June
Chapter 25. Paying Our Respects To Mr. Poe
Chapter 26. Arts And Crafts
Chapter 27. A Tribute To The Graveyard Mind
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