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"A pivotal work in the history of non-Western mathematics that will revolutionize people's understanding of the origins of techniques previously viewed as Western inventions."

"This study is an important contribution to making one field of the history of mathematical activity in China available to a non-Chinese audience."

"[A] challenging, inspiring book that is full of most valuable, new historial insights."

"Hart's provocative book deserves to be in every college and university collection."

"It seems likely that Hart's thoughtful, meticulous book will be the precursor to much fruitful study not only of pre-modern Chinese mathematics but also the roles of literacy and notation in its transmission."

"A beautifully written scholarly book in an area where books are scarce. Hart's scholarship is impeccable and his precision is a delight. The Chinese Roots of Linear Algebra will be essential reading for those interested in the history of Chinese mathematics."