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"Noah Efron's A Chosen Calling is a fresh and ambitious exploration of the enthusiasm with which Jews have celebrated science, and of the legendary distinction with which they have practiced science in three major domains... Efron shows that in all three cases, Jews brought to their novel circumstances a drive for full participation in a world where they had been denied that participation, and he shows, further, that the universalist ethos of science provided a uniquely powerful means of participating."

"An excellent book recommended for most libraries, especially those with strong holdings in science and Jewish history."

"A very interesting and enlightened take on why the Jewish people have excelled in the field of science during the 20th Century and still stand out today."

"By illuminating the importance of science and technology for disparate Jewish communities throughout the twentieth century, Noah Efron's A Chosen Calling: Jews in Science in the Twentieth Century raises a number of questions that are important for anyone engaged in the science and religion conversation to consider... Science and religion writers who put forward and critique various origins proposals could benefit from imitating Efron's humble, gracious, and fluid style, while scholars will appreciate the extensive endnotes and index."