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"Luzzi brings a set of powerful resources to his new study: a vast erudition, an ear finely attuned to inter-arts allusions, and an ability to discern the workings of poetic tropes within the language of cinema. The result is a deepened understanding of the category of the aesthetic as it relates to Italian film criticism and an affirmation of the riches that this body of canonical films offers to scholars and lay connoisseurs of the seventh art."

"A thought-provoking and well-written investigation of the role of history and realism in Italian cinema and the role played by the centuries-long tradition of poetry (or more precisely, poesis) in this quest."

"Ambitious, inventive, learned, and largely successful, A Cinema of Poetry ... brilliantly analyzes the art in the art film by showing how Italian cinema uses a chorus or expresses itself through allegory... This impressively intelligent re-description of the tradition surely takes its place alongside other necessary histories of Italian cinema."

"Luzzi’s inter-art encounters between literary and visual forms reanimate the cinematic texts he discusses. The book is not a reductive reincarnation of national identity or a nostalgic reanimation of the art film. It is a brave undertaking to think toward the future through poetic tropes gleaned from the past ‘as the source for a cinematic rebirth."

"What makes this particular publication stand out is its focus on inter-art within the discussion of cinema of poetry along with its ability to capture and keep the attention of both specialists and people with a general interest in the subject. Luzzi’s writing style is comfortable to read and the many examples and references, both textual and visual, give a clear demonstration of the ideas and theories which are discussed in the various sections of the book. These positive characterizations of Luzzi’s work will benefit and motivate future research surrounding the combination of inter-art and cinema of poetry, as well as Italian cinema history in general."