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"The authors' nuanced and detailed analysis of an amazing diversity of medieval films... in their political and cultural contexts artfully supports their assertion that medieval films offer us ‘a different way of thinking about the past as well as the present.’"

"One of the most refreshing aspects of this book is that Finke and Shichtman combine encyclopedic knowledge of and masterful control over their material—including but not limited to film studies, medieval literature and history, and popular culture—with nuanced analysis, deft prose, and a palpable enjoyment of the topic. The authors are clearly having a grand time and invite readers to join in."

"Through Finke and Shichtman's use of film theory and cinema criticism, along with their sensitive deployment of medieval historical and literary details, the Middle Ages emerges as a period production in this excellent and innovative study."

"A number of studies have followed, but none can hold a candle to Cinematic Illuminations."