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Table Of Contents

List of Figures
Part 1: Theory and Methods of Cinematic Medievalism
1. Traversing the Fantasy: Screening the Middle Ages
2. Signs of the Medieval: A Sociological Stylistics of Film
3. Celluloid History: Cinematic Fidelity and Infidelity
Part 2: The Politics of Cinematic Medievalism
4. Mirror of Princes: Representations of Political Authority in Medieval Films
5. The Politics of Hagiography: Joan of Arc on the Screen
6. The Hagiography of Politics: Mourning in America
7. The Crusades: War of the Cross or God's Own Bloodbath?
Part 3: Cinematic Medievalism and the Anxieties of Modernity
8. Looking Awry at the Grail: Mourning Becomes Modernity
9. Apocalyptic Medievalism: Rape and Disease as Figures of Social Anomie
10. Forever Young: The Teen Middle Ages