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"Gripping... Oberdorfer's detailed, balanced account describes the policies and personalities that actually changed history."

"An excellent, balanced account of the relationship between the Soviet Union and the United States during the years of the Reagan and Bush administrations... It provides an informative discussion of the demise of the Cold War and belongs among the shelves of anyone interested in that topic."

"A reliable source of raw data for those interested in studying these important episodes in world politics from a variety of perspectives."

"The most thorough account yet of what we can all agree was a crucial era in world politics."

"Don Oberdorfer has dealt skillfully with an unusually complex period in contemporary history. His observations on 'the turn' in U.S.-Soviet relations provide an important and timely review of developments in the transformation from the Cold War."

"The best account yet of how this astonishing transformation came about. Oberdorfer himself covered most of the important events along the way, and hence has been able to draw on his own direct impressions of what took place... An exciting and, in many ways, a strikingly encouraging historical narrative."

"Oberdorfer is master of the extended journalistic inquiry into events behind major news stories, a talent he turns to the careful reconstruction of developments between and within leaderships during these remarkable years."

"A highly readable and utterly persuasive account of why the Cold War came to end the way it did."

From the Cold War to a New Era
The United States and the Soviet Union, 1983-1991
Publication Date: 29 May 1998
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Trim Size: 6.125" x 9.25"
Page Count: 568 pages
Illustrations: 34 b&w photos
ISBN: 9780801859229