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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Collections Mediation Modernist
1. After Imagisme
The Lyric Year and the Crisis in Cultural Valuation
The Anthology as Weapon
The Others Formation
Reprisal Anthologies
2. The Domestication of Modernism: The Phillips
Memorial Gallery in the 1920s
Pictorial Publicity
Subconscious Stimulation, a Professional Public Sphere
Problems in Collecting Pictures
Akhenaten, Patron of Modernism
3. The Barnes Foundation, Institution of the New Psychologies
Against Dilettantism
A System for the New Spirit
Collection and Institution
The Art of Memory in the Age of the Unconscious
4. The New Negro in the Field of Collections
Sage Homme Noir
Precursor Anthologies
Coterie, Movement, Race
The Heritage of The New Negro
Downstairs from the Harlem Museum
5. Modernism's Archives: Afterlives of the Modernist Collection
Two Termini
Two Consecrations
Two Archives