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Table Of Contents

Introduction., by John R. Thelin
Part One
1. The Muzzle and the Megaphone, by Valyncia C. Raphael and J.P. Abercrumbie
Part Two
2. The National Letter of Intent, by Ellen J. Staurowsky
3. Amateurism and the NCAA Cartel, by Robert Scott Lemons
4. Title IX's Gender-Separate Allowance in the Context of College Athlete Rights and
Intercollegiate Athletics Reform, by Jennifer Lee Hoffman
5. The State of Concussion Protocols, by Whitney Griffin
6. 4-4 Transfer Restrictions on College Football and Athlete Freedom, by Gerald Gurney
7. Due Process in College Sports, by Steven J. Silver
8. College Athletes and Collective Bargaining Laws, by Neal H. Hutchens and Kaitlin A. Quigley
Part Three
9. Commercialism in College Sports Undermines Athletes' Educational Opportunities
and Rights, by Angela Lumpkin
10. Conference Realignment and the Evolution of New Organizational Forms, by Earl Smith and Angela J. Hattery
11. Competitive Equity, by Andy Schwarz and Daniel A. Rascher
Part Four
12. Looking underneath the Helmet, by Jamel K. Donnor
13. Athletic Scholarship Arrangement, by Kealii Troy Kukahiko and Mitchell J. Chang
14. Intervention Strategies for Improving College Athletes' Academic and Personal
Development Outcomes at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, by Joseph N. Cooper and Eddie Comeaux
15. Revisiting African American Males and Highlighting Pacific Islander/Polynesian Male Experiences, by C. Keith Harrison, Leticia Osequera, Jean Boyd, and Monica Morita
16. Activism in College Athletics, by Emmett Gill, Jr.
Restoring Balance, by Scott N. Brooks

College Athletes’ Rights and Well-Being
Critical Perspectives on Policy and Practice
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