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"College Made Whole is a terrific rejoinder to many of the currently popular but ill-informed works advocating market-based reforms in higher education. The chapters are solid, coherent, and collectively advance the author's central argument in a logical and systematic way. I especially appreciate the way each chapter offers vignettes, analysis, recommendations for institutions, and suggestions for faculty."

"Gallagher offers a compelling defense of integrative liberal learning as the best preparation for developing students' capacities to grapple with the unscripted problems of the future. In the process, he provides action steps for promoting conceptual scaffolding and personalized lifelong learning, essential for both individual thriving and our nation's democracy."

"College Made Whole presents a powerful argument and a concrete set of recommendations for ways that institutions of higher education can foster more adaptive, integrative learners. The trick? Becoming more adaptive, integrative institutions, connecting the knowledge they generate across fields and with the world beyond. I can think of no more important goal for colleges and universities today."

"The great unbundlers came for our colleges, and now Chris Gallagher has come for the unbundlers, patiently and thoroughly demolishing their view that students will be better served by an open marketplace of credential providers. In reality, education is too important and too complex to be unbundled. We need integration. We need to help students and the public see the ways we are all connected and benefit from robust and dynamic higher education institutions. This book is a necessary corrective to a wayward course."

College Made Whole
Integrative Learning for a Divided World
Publication Date: 24 Sep 2019
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 240 pages
ISBN: 9781421432625