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"This volume is a useful antidote to the dire tales of higher education's financial woes and warnings of major disruption on the horizon. The authors pull us back from the ledge to offer a more tempered and nuanced analysis, identifying which schools and students are at greatest risk and reassuring readers that signs do not point to an overall upheaval of the entire education sector."

"Just as the Midwest and Northeast grapple with falling numbers of high school graduates—and the rest of the country is soon to do the same—this book provides critical analysis to inform important institutional and system-wide planning. By providing a national context, the work will help schools understand the enrollment and financial pressures they face. Administrators, boards of trustees, and state policy makers should read this work and use it to inform how they lead higher education through a period of demographic and financial challenge."

"The College Stress Test sets a standard for open, candid, and data-driven discussion about the health of America's colleges and universities. It's a positive message about how best to prepare for change from within without waiting for external forces to shape the agenda. At the campus level, stakeholders should make good use of the stress measurement tool to determine where they are so they can plan for where they need to be."

"The timely volume, The College Stress Test, provides a framework for colleges to review their institutional health."

The College Stress Test
Tracking Institutional Futures across a Crowded Market
Publication Date: 25 Feb 2020
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 168 pages
Illustrations: 46 graphs
ISBN: 9781421437033