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Table Of Contents

List of Illustrations
Introduction. Cities as Narratives
Part I. Renewal and Resistance
Chapter 1. The City of Anger: Blockbusting and Cultural Representations of White Innocence
Chapter 2. From Blight to Filth: John Waters in the Age of Urban Renewal
Chapter 3. "The Most Authentic Microphone of Black Folks Talking Ever Devised": Chicory and the Poetry of Human Renewal
Chapter 4. Hollywood East: William Donald Schaefer Animates Neoliberal Baltimore
Part II. Good Mo(u)rning, Baltimore
Chapter 5. Accidental Tourists: Alienated Whiteness amid Renaissance
Chapter 6. A People's History of West Baltimore: Roc, The Wire, and Baltimore on TV
Chapter 7. Welcome to Baltimore, Hon!: Race, Gender, and Urban Branding at the End of the Century