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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Superheroes for the Common Man: The Birth of the Comic Book Industry, 1933-1941
Chapter 2: Race, Politics, and Propaganda: Comic Books Go to War, 1939-1945
Chapter 3: Confronting Success: Comic Books and Postwar America, 1945-1956
Chapter 4: Youth Crisis: Comic Books and Controversy, 1947-1950
Chapter 5: Reds, Romance, and Renegades: Comic Books and the Culture of the Cold War, 1947-1954
Chapter 6: Turning Point: Comic Books in Crisis, 1954-1955
Chapter 7: Great Power and Great Responsibility: Superheroes in a Superpower, 1956-1967
Chapter 8: Questioning Authority: Comic Books and Cultural Change, 1968-1979
Chapter 9: Direct to the Fans: The Comic Book Industry since 1980
Epilogue: The Death of Superman or, Must There Be a Comic Book Industry?
Spider-Man at Ground Zero: A 9-11 Postscript