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"Fletcher’s main theory is convincing and will open up new fields of inquiry. This accessible work is for those interested in political science, cultural history, and comic theory as well as classical literature."

"Fletcher is to be commended for his ability to bring together such a diverse range of texts and ideas. Although readers are unlikely to agree with all of his conclusions, Fletcher sets forth a suggestive and provocative argument that will be useful to those interested in the political dimensions of the comic form."

"Comic Democracies invites its readers to note the leaders and people who are willing and able to laugh, with and at themselves, and take them as seriously—more seriously, even—than those filled with grandiosity and self-serving conviction. Our political life may depend upon it."

"... Comic Democracies offers a lively argument, admirable for its balance of breadth and sharpness, and is capped with Fletcher’s commitment to finding a public, contemporary meaning for literature. Even while looking back he keeps a clear eye on the present."

"The breadth and depth of research is impressive, as is the fluent argument and elegant expression. If anything this book is a timely intervention at a moment when ‘democracy’ seems to be sorely misguided and misrepresented in many Western nations. It is a call to intelligent response, pragmatic intervention, and humane governance, which recognizes the value of a diverse citizenry... Let us hope that some of our current and prospective leaders are reading this."

"A unique and engaging study that draws from the classics... Comic Democracies is a well-written and accessible interdisciplinary study of the ways in which ancient comedy provides useful tools to advance modern democracies globally."

"An admirably ambitious and meaningfully interdisciplinary book. The breadth of knowledge on display here is impressive."