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Table Of Contents

Prologue: Let's Talk
Conversation One: "Why Can't We Talk about the Mess We're In?"
Conversation Two: Can a Commitment to Community Move us Forward?
Conversation Three: The Slogans that Ensnare Us
Conversation Four: Why Can't We Connect with Each Other?
Conversation Five: Why are we the Bad Guys?
Conversation Six: Money Talks
Conversation Seven: The Students We Hardly Know
Conversation Eight: Is It Ever Safe to Talk about Changing the Curriculum?
Conversation Nine: Why Can't We Have a Productive Conversation about Differences-Especially Conversations about Race and Gender?

Communicate for a Change
Revitalizing Conversations for Higher Education
Publication Date: 28 Sep 2021
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 176 pages
ISBN: 9781421441740