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Table Of Contents

Introduction, by Hugh A. Sampson, MD
Chapter 1. Understanding FOOD ALLERGY and INTOLERANCE
Chapter 2. When and How to Discuss a Possible FOOD ALLERGY DIAGNOSIS with Your DOCTOR
Chapter 3. All about ALLERGY TESTS
Chapter 4. Recognizing and Treating ANAPHYLAXIS
Chapter 5. CHRONIC HEALTH PROBLEMS Caused by Food Allergy
Chapter 6. Mastering ALLERGEN AVOIDANCE
Chapter 7. Maintaining LIFESTYLE and QUALITY of LIFE, Reducing ANXIETY, and Keeping a HEALTHY DIET
Chapter 8. The Natural COURSE and RESOLUTION of Food Allergies
Chapter 9. PREVENTION of Food Allergies
Chapter 10. The Future Is Now: TREATMENTS for Food Allergy
Chapter 11. Accessing HELP and INFORMATION to Manage Food Allergies
Educational Resources
Resources for Managing Life with Food Allergies
Selected Internet Resources on Food Allergies
Support Groups, Advocacy, and Research
Handy Forms
Cited Medical References and Additional Articles of Interest