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"For anyone who has been made to feel that their suffering is in their head, or has refilled prescription after prescription with no relief, you no longer have to suffer helplessly and in silence. Read this book and begin to take back control of your life."

"This book is a very good tool for patients to better understand the types and mechanisms of pain, and it is helpful for physicians in the physician/patient relationship, enabling the physician to better serve them. It is easy to read with a good scientific base, and most importantly, it emphasizes the spiritual and psychological aspects of pain."

"The chronic pain experience is wrought with pitfalls and missteps. In my 31-year journey, I've discovered that one needs a guide or two to help find the light. Dr. Richeimer's Confronting Chronic Pain is one of those beacons. Comprehensive and enlightening, it covers the full chronic pain spectrum, including often overlooked aspects such as spirituality and family impact. Best of all, it offers real hope by embracing acceptance and self-care."

"An excellent reference for patients with chronic pain, their caregivers and families"

"Together these two authors have written a really helpful and balanced book on how to go about managing pain."

"Those who suffer from chronic pain will find this readable, sophisticated yet approachable treatment a helpful read"

"Chapters survey what causes different kinds of pain, from arthritis and back pain to migraine and cancer- an offers the latest information on neurostimulators, pain medications, and alternative medicine alike. There are different, new approaches to pain management that everyone should become familiar with: this book covers them all!"