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"Warm and big-hearted... The real-life case studies in part two bring the book alive, offering inspiration for change... [Birchall's] common sense and compassion come across loud and clear."

"The authors of this optimistic book are a powerful combination of a get-up-and-go social worker who remains unfazed and energetic no matter what troubles are put in front of her, and her friend, Suzanne, who is also highly organised in presenting advice in the form of easily digested tables, lists and photographs... The book includes a set of very useful questionnaires on hoarding that may help people already prone to clutter to avoid entering the hoarding diagnostic arena, has sensible interventions to ensure collaboration, and adds substantially to input from health professionals. It is a mine of information that should be tapped."

"Beautiful book, accessible to everyone and absolutely interesting. Highly recommended."

"When does a messy house cross the line into a mental health crisis? [Birchall] identifies the tell-tale signs—and explains how to safely intervene."

"A great, accessible resource for anyone touched by hoarding—sufferers, family, friends, and therapists."

"Birchall's compassionate and commonsense approach to decluttering continues to factor into everything we do when supporting people whose lives have been impacted by hoarding."

"If you're one of the millions who loved Elaine Birchall's radio show Take Back Your Life When Things Are Taking Over, then Conquer the Clutter is for you. Elaine provides pragmatic tools for managing and overcoming challenges of hoarding while debunking myths. Learn how this disorder is impacting people worldwide, perhaps even your neighbor next door."

"Clutter was making our home unhappy, our marriage unhappy, and our family unhappy. We didn't own stuff, stuff owned us; stuff was holding us hostage. Elaine's strategies have helped us take charge of the clutter and take charge of our lives."