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Table Of Contents

How to Navigate the Book
Part I. Understanding Hoarding and What It Takes to Clear Your Path
Chapter 1. Overview of Hoarding
Chapter 2. Environmental and Self-Assessment
Chapter 3. Goals
Chapter 4. Take Back Your Life
Chapter 5. Procrastination
Part II. Moving Forward: Inspiration from Those Who Have Gone before You
Chapter 6. The Impact of Hoarding on Families: Her Pills Haven't Worked Yet
Chapter 7. The Impact of Grief: Drowning in Loss
Chapter 8. Impulse Shopping: Can't Buy Happiness
Chapter 9. The Sandwich Generation: Overwhelming Obligation
Chapter 10. A Life Stored, Not Lived: Secondary Diogenes Syndrome in Seniors
Chapter 11. Professional at Work, Powerless at Home: Secret Lives
Chapter 12. Disabled in Dire Straits
Chapter 13. Home Is Where the Heart Is: Disconnecting from Your Environment
Chapter 14. Collateral Damage: Adult Children of Hoarders, Seniors Living with Hoarders, and Neighbors
Chapter 15. The Last Word
Part III. Getting There: Resources, Tips, and Tools
Chapter 16. Resources
Appendix. Case Review from Birchall Consulting and Associates, Inc.