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Table Of Contents

Preface — James Martin and James E. Samels

Part I. The New Necessities to Partner

Chapter 1. The Consolidation of American Higher Education
James Martin and James E. Samels

Chapter 2. Reader's Guide: The New Typology of Collaboration and Closure
James E. Samels and James Martin

Part II. Strategic Alliance: A Model That Rarely Fails, and Why

Chapter 3. When Does Large Become Too Large? — A View of Higher Education Partnerships and the Implications of Institutional Size
R. Michael Tanner

Chapter 4. "Systemness": A New Way to Lead and Manage Higher Education Systems
Nancy L. Zimpher

Chapter 5. Presidential Vision and Partnership Development: An Evolving View
Pamela Eibeck

Chapter 6. "We Never Thought This Way Ten Years Ago": How Partnerships Are Reshaping Academic Leadership Expectations
Vita Rabinowitz and James Stellar

Chapter 7. Why, and How, Elite Colleges and Universities are Joining Forces
J. Matthew Hartley and Alan Ruby

Chapter 8. The Community College Option: How Co-ventures Can Leverage Student and Academic Resources
Kenneth Ender and Charles Middleton

Chapter 9. Technology as a Driver of Strategic Alliances
Philip Regier and Lynsi Freitag

Chapter 10. A Disruptive Opportunity: Competency-based Education as a Shaper of Successful Partnerships
Paul LeBlanc and Kristine Clerkin

Chapter 11. International Objectives: The Benefits and Challenges in Developing Branch Campuses and Partnerships Abroad
Michael Jackson and James Larimore

Chapter 12. Public-Private Partnerships: Models That Work
John Ottenhoff

Part III. Consortium: New Benefits, Changing Purposes

Chapter 13. A New Way to Design and Deliver Higher Education Consortia
Phillip DiChiara

Chapter 14. Where Partnerships Began: A Fresh Look at the Purpose and Outcomes of Liberal Arts College Consortia
R. Owen Williams

Part IV. Merger: The Right Reasons to Consider One

Chapter 15. Why Mergers are (Quietly) Increasing Among Colleges and Universities: A Review of the Pros and Cons
Susan Resneck Pierce

Part V. Closure: Hidden Costs and Complexities

Chapter 16. If That Moment Arrives: The Blueprint to Close a College
Michael Hoyle

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C


Consolidating Colleges and Merging Universities
New Strategies for Higher Education Leaders
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