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Table Of Contents

Introduction: In Search of Consolidation
Part I: Theoretical and Conceptual Perspectives
Chapter 1. Democracy for the Long Haul
Chapter 2. Toward Consolidated Democracies
Chapter 3. Development and Democratic Culture
Chapter 4. Illusions about Consolidation
Chapter 5. Battling the Undertow in Latin America
Part II: Institutional Desing
Chapter 6. Institutional Design and Party Systems
Chapter 7. Political Parties in East Central Europe
Chapter 8. Party Systems in Taiwan and South Korea
Chapter 9. Designing Coherent Government
Part III: Civil-Military Relations
Chapter 10. Toward Civilian Supremacy in South Africa
Chapter 11. Civil-Military Relations in Southeast Asia
Part IV: Civil Society
Chapter 12. Civil Society East and West
Chapter 13. From Opposition to Atomization
Chapter 14. Civil Society in Africa
Part V: Economic Development
Chapter 15. What Makes Democracies Endure?
Chapter 16. The Middle Classes and Democratization