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Table Of Contents

Part I
1.21. Stand Up and Be Estimated
1.22. (Nearly) Equal Representation
1.23. Weighting for a Fair Vote
1.24. The Impossibility of Democracy
1.4. Dragons and Dummymanders
2.1. The Worst Way to Elect a President, Except for All the Rest
Part II
A4.1. Stop and Frisk
A4.2. Reverend Thomas Bayes and the Law
A5. "The Man of Statistics"
A6.1. Despair over Disparity
A6.2. Once Is an Accident...
A6.3. 12 6 5 10 n-Angry Men
A8.1. The Peril and Promise of Social Network Analysis
A8.2. Three Strikes for Three Strikes
A8.3. The Price of Punishment
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