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"A useful, readable, and accessible treatment of the critical founding moments in early American history. This book will fill a noteworthy gap in studies of this period."

"An accurate and very well-written narrative of the federal convention that wrote the US Constitution. Melvin Yazawa employs his formidable skills in the service of telling readers about the creation of the Constitution and its ratification by four different states, offering many interesting insights along the way."

"A compelling look at constitution-making in real time by a first-rate historian. Focusing on key developments at critical moments, Yazawa captures and clarifies the unfolding narratives in Philadelphia and at the most important state conventions, bringing his subjects (and the subjects of their debates) to life. Lucidly written, this book should engage its readers' unflagging attention."

"This informative study will fit in collections dealing with the birth of the nation at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The writing style is such that it should also appeal to a general readership. This work deserves to be in the libraries of all four-year institutions. Highly recomended."

"By homing in on fears of disunion, Yazawa has written one of the best introductions to the struggle over the Constitution, to what people at the time believed was at stake, and to how exactly Federalists achieved their victory. This relatively concise, well-written, and narration-filled book should accordingly be of interest to many historians and would work well in their classrooms."