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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. What Is COPD?
Chapter 2. Why Am I Short of Breath?
Chapter 3. Why Am I Coughing?
Chapter 4. How Can I Quit Smoking?
Chapter 5. Which Medications Can Help My COPD?
Chapter 6. Can You Help Me Breathe Easier?
Chapter 7. What Is a COPD Flare-Up? How Is It Treated? Can It Be Prevented?
Chapter 8. Do I Need Oxygen? How Do I Travel with Oxygen?
Chapter 9. Can Exercise Help? What Are the Benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation?
Chapter 10. Can Surgery Help Me Breathe Easier?
Chapter 11. Can I Be Sexually Active with COPD?
Chapter 12. Will My COPD Get Worse? Will I Die From COPD?
Chapter 13. How Does COVID-19 Affect COPD?