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"Solidly grounded in the cultural, political and economic history of the Second Industrial Revolution, The Corporate Eye broadens and deepens our understanding of photography's significance to American enterprise. This work resonates critically and valuably with earlier, heralded studies by David Nye and Roland Marchand, among others, by exploring fresh terrains and refining conceptual frameworks."

"A highly welcome contribution to the field of business history as well as American visual culture."

"This highly readable, interdisciplinary book provides insights into both the history of American economic development and the history of photography."

"A unique and interdisciplinary analysis of the intersection between visual and commercial culture in the USA."

"The Corporate Eye is American studies and interdisciplinary cultural history at its best."

"This is a book whose 'big picture' is fully in focus."

"Meticulous research and rich contextualization... A welcome and imaginative addition to the history of visual technologies and commercial history."