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"By far the best analysis of the plantation ever written by a geographer. Beyond that, it fills an important gap in conventional social science scholarship. No one, to my knowledge, has ever before attempted to show that the civil rights movement had a geography that grew directly out of the geography of the plantation system."

"A tour de force of information, understanding, and interpretation of the cotton region, its economy, and the society that it bred following the Civil War. Its author is a mature, lifelong student of the subject, and historians, geographers, sociologists, and demographers, especially, must forever be in his debt."

"A brief review can only hint at Aiken's exciting, original, and insightful contributions. This splendid book deserves to be read, discussed, and debated among all serious students of southern history."

"Any serious student of the geography of the United States will want to have it in their library."

"Charles Aiken has written a book in clear, readable prose that should be read by anyone with an interest in or opinion about the American South."