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1. Comparative Theory and Political Practice: Do We Need a ''State-Nation'' Model as Well as a ''Nation-State'' Model?
2. India as a State-Nation: Shared Political Community amidst Deep Cultural Diversity
3. Four Indian Cases That Challenge State-Nation Theory?
4. Tamils in India: How State-Nation Policies Helped Construct Multiple but Complementary Identities
5. Tamils in Sri Lanka: How Nation-State Policies Helped Construct Polar and Conflictual Identities
6. Ukraine: State-Nation Policies in a Unitary State
7. Federacy: A Formula for Democratically Managing MultinationalSocieties in Unitary States
8. The U.S. Federal Model and Multinational Societies: Some Problems for Democratic Theory and Practice

Crafting State-Nations
India and Other Multinational Democracies
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