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Table Of Contents

Part I: Environment and Identity
1. The Nature of Slavery: Environmental Disorder and Slave Agency in Colonial South Carolina
2. "For Want of a Social Set": Networks and Social Interaction in the Lower Cape Fear Region of North Carolina, 1725-1775
3. "Almost an Englishman": Eighteenth-Century Anglo-African Identities
4. Conservation, Class, and Controversy in Early America
Part II: Exchange and Identity
5. Beyond Declension: Economic Adaptation and the Pursuit of Export Markets in the Massachusetts Bay Region, 1630-1700
6. Paternalism and Profits: Planters and Overseers in Piedmont Virginia, 1750-1825
7. "The Fewnesse of Handicraftsmen": Artisan Adaptation and Innovation in the Colonial Chesapeake
8. The Other "Susquahannah Traders": Women and Exchange on the Pennsylvania Frontier
Part III: Politics and Identity
9. A Death in the Morning: The Murder of Daniel Parke
10. Enjoying and Defending Charter Privileges: Corporate Status and Political Culture in Eighteenth-Century Rhode Island
11. Native Americans, the Plan of 1764, and a British Empire That Never Was
12. Between Private and Public Spheres: Liberty as Cultural Property in Eighteenth-Century British America
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