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Introduction: Caregiving as a Family Affair: A New Perspective on Cultural Diversity
Part I: Perspectives on Family Caregiving: Data, Diversity, and Personal Experience
Chapter 1. Family Caregivers and the Health Care System: Findings from a National Survey
Chapter 2. On Loving Care and the Persistence of Memories: Reflections of a Grieving Daughter
Chapter 3. The Weight of Shared Lives: Truth Telling and Family Caregiving
Part II: Home Care Past and Present
Chapter 4. Family Caregiving in New England: Nineteenth-Century Community Care Gives Way to Twentieth-Century Institutions
Chapter 5. Nurses and Their Changing Relationships to Family Caregivers
Chapter 6. The Culture of Home Care: Whose Values Prevail?
Part III: The Societal Context
Chapter 7. Explaining the Paradox of Long-Term Care Policy: An Example of Dissonant Cultures
Chapter 8. Family Caregivers in Popular Culture: Images and Reality in the Movies
Part IV: Bridging the Gap among Cultures
Chapter 9. Integrating Medicine and the Family: Toward a Coherent Ethic of Care
Chapter 10. Project DOCC: A Parent-Directed Model for Educating Pediatric Residents
Chapter 11. Changing Institutional Culture: Turning Adversaries into Partners
Conclusion: Building on Common Ground

The Cultures of Caregiving
Conflict and Common Ground among Families, Health Professionals, and Policy Makers
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