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Chapter 1. Overview: A Six-Step Approach to Curriculum Development
Chapter 2. Step 1: Problem Identification and General Needs Assessment
Chapter 3. Step 2: Targeted Needs Assessment
Chapter 4. Step 3: Goals and Objectives
Chapter 5. Step 4: Educational Strategies
Chapter 6. Step 5: Implementation
Chapter 7. Step 6: Evaluation and Feedback
Chapter 8. Curriculum Maintenance and Enhancement
Chapter 9. Dissemination
Chapter 10. Curriculum Development for Larger Programs
Appendix A. Example Curricula
Essential Resuscitation Skills for Medical Students
Teaching Internal Medicine Residents to Incorporate Prognosis in the Care of Older Patients with Multimorbidity
Longitudinal Program in Curriculum Development
Appendix B. Curricular, Faculty Development, and Funding Resources

Curriculum Development for Medical Education
A Six-Step Approach
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